Jaqueline Humbert: Daytime Viewing

Dream life, when associated with youth, is so romantic. Search inside the imagination of your youth and you will find promise, possibility and worlds of the unknown to explore. But at some point, marked by both the burden of commitment and the burden of age, dream life changes.

Jacqueline Humbert’s “Daytime Viewing” (1983) is a beautiful chronicle of a lonely and burdened woman’s escape into dream life. Obsessed with non-reality, she begins to find the voice of her television in her mind, narrating her thoughts, actions, and fantasies. Her dream life, once a place to plan exciting adventures, is now where she goes to cling for survival.

“Daytime Viewing” is a fascinating listen, with melancholy and razor sharp wit to spare. By taking risks, Humbert and her multimedia collaborators seamlessly blend timely social commentary, humor, and early 80’s audio experimentation into a well executed 6 tracks of performance art. The fun and fashion-focused closing track, “Wishes” stands out from some of the longer and darker performances as an upbeat summary of this heavy concept album.


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