From Tutti Frutti, to his own Short Stories : Andy Ferro

For most of us, there was an incredibly important moment in our lives where music collided with us and opened up a world to get lost in for years to come. This blog is interested in the stories behind those moments. They’re a beautiful reminder of the emotions, the magic, and the mysterious something calling to us from our speakers.
Here’s one such story.

Andy Ferro’s lead guitar puts the beach vibe in Nashville’s gypsy psych band, Ranch Ghost. This year he released his own set of songs, a beautiful stripped down collection titled Short Stories. Here he shares a memory from 17 years ago, when he first heard Elvis Presley’s version of Tutti Frutti.

Where were you when you had this experience?
In the living room of the flat where I was born. There was a green corduroy chair and a bay window with a view down to the garden.Do you remember how you were feeling generally beforehand?
I don’t remember how I was feeling, but I must have been ok because I was trying to do the splits.Did you make this discovery yourself?
My dad put the record on.

Did your interaction with him change as a result of this moment?
We’ve always connected over music. I don’t know that this particular moment changed anything for us, but it was certainly important.

Can you recall any particular smells?
I can’t remember. I think I remember it being kind of dusty in there though.

What colors or textures does this memory recall?
Wood floors, beige paisley, cream colored walls with white trim. A hi-fi with little shiny stickers of airplanes on it. I think my sister stuck them there. They’re still on there.

Describe your emotional state during this moment.
I don’t think I had learned how to worry about anything yet.

Describe any physical reactions you had to what you were hearing.
I had the urge to do the splits. I thought I was pulling it off, but I think it was more of corkscrew flop thing to the ground.

How did you feel when the moment had passed?
I have no recollection of subsequent events. I probably pretended to be a lion for a while.

Did this experience make you feel more or less satisfied with your life?
That was probably the most satisfied I’ll ever feel. I was 5, didn’t know how to worry, and could do the splits. What more could I have asked for?

Are there any events, decisions or actions which shaped your life as a result of this specific experience?
I’m driving to California to play music right now. I think moments like that probably scooted me in this direction.

How do you feel about the song now?
I love it more now than ever.

As you moved forward pursuing musical experiences, did you compare them to this moment?
I’ll know I’ve made it when someone’s listening and busts out the splits.


Listen to Short Stories HERE.


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